design methodology teaching at the university

What makes a design meaningful? How can I create an appropriate design language for my concepts? And how do I visualize my design and ideas?
I work with industrial design students on methods fo achieve reliable solutions.

As design is a systematic process to find solutions to users problems to finally create satisfying products. But this focuuses more on problem solution and innovative conceptions. But what makes a product desireable beyond usability, what makes a design meaningful? Just the genius art of the designer or the value of a brand? Or can we use methodologies that lead designers to style their design concepts accurate towards the meaning their product finally should have?

At the university of Wuppertal I'm teaching classes since 2007 to young industrial designers using methodologies in finding the appropriate shape for a product and its design language. The methodology is aimed to remove any randomness out of the form finding process and go beyond gutt feelings and personal preferences to a logically derived design language making the final design concept telling exactly what it is just by its form and cmf.

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Image credits: Nadia Reski/Ines Reutter, Marie Ibach/Nick Wode, Noah Basu/Simon Rummenhoeller,
Zhidong Xia/Xiaotian Wang, Lisa Schroeder, Frederik Bruer/Justus Kaufmann/Philipp Zigan

formkurs 2 – smart glasses – 2020/21

In this class I work together with Prof. Matthias Schoenherr with the industrial design students of the 5th term. The project focusses on methods for an appropriate shape development
With the latest project the task has been to style smart glasses to specific fields of use and target groups. The goal is to find a design language which shows this intention and is appropriate for setting of use for these concepts.

showcase – uwid university of wuppertal

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Two times a year there is a public exhibition of the student projects of all classes at the end of each term mid of march and mid of september combined with the bachelor and master graduation ceremony.
The industrial design course at the university of wuppertal is a clever blend of design and technology. A personal and committed course of studies with a focus on technical products, on practice, on internationality and a scientific approach.

Image credits: uwid, Volker Huebner