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globally experienced in design and strategy specialising in consumer electronics design with passion in creating meaningful product experiences for more than 25 years

I love to design for what matters

Good design delights people every day, makes a product useful yet desirable, is innovative, is honest and – yes – is aesthetic too. I am passionate about building products providing a meaningful user experience, providing new opportunities for people. I want to take responsibility for building today what we desire tomorrow.
Beside providing a careful design sensibility and technical craft, I like to challenge myself, roll up my sleeves and put my hands on complex problems to finally create satisfying solutions and tell relatable emotive stories that matter. And I like working with brands, who care for their users.

Additionally I find great pleasure in collaborating with diverse disciplines and professionals in cross-functional, international teams around the globe.
My approach is to empower the people around me, believing in the catalytic force of teamwork to inspire design development, nurture the creative process and draw out the team’s diverse individual talents, and most of all, to have fun along the way.

For nearly 10 years I'm leading the design team at Wacom (Japan) as member of the Global Product Management. I'm responsible for creating innovative solutions around pen input devices mainly for high professional creatives but for enthusiasts too: pen displays, tablet PC's, opaque tablets. Starting from UX research, product definition, conception, industrial design and out-of-box-experience to prototyping and mass production implementation at ODM's in China and Taiwan.

Since 2007 I'm teaching Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal, focusing on design methodology, digital creation processes and research projects.

I started my career with founding my own design studio in 1993 right upon graduation as Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal.

Listed as an inventor in multiple registered patents and credited as the designer in nearly 20 Red Dot, IF and IDSA Product Design Awards.

Director Industrial Design at Wacom

Joined Wacom in 2011 as a lead designer leading the design team since 2018 responsible for building and supporting a team of talented industrial designers, developing future experiences for creative professionals and enthusiasts that consistently meet — or exceed — client expectations: pen displays, tablet PC’s, opaque tablets and more. As member of the Global Product Management team contributing to roadmap planning, developing design strategies and transforming these to award winning design from research and strategy through concept, development and execution, accountable for the creative and technical quality. Working collaboratively with diverse disciplines and professionals in cross-functional, international teams in Europe, Asia and North America.

Inventor of the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, Lead Designer of Wacom Cintiq Pro and all professional pen displays and pen tablet PC‘s by Wacom released since 2012.

Listed as an inventor in multiple registered patents and credited as the designer in nearly 20 Red Dot and IF Product Design Awards. Also picked up the prestigious American Industrial Design Association Prize for designing Wacom’s innovative first pen tablet PC "Cintiq Companion" in 2014.

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Teaching Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal

Teaching industrial design at the University of Wuppertal since 2007, mentoring and guiding young designers, focusing on design process and design methodology, advanced use of digital creation tools (sketching, modelling, rendering) and assisting in design research projects with industry partners e.g. Braun, Microsoft, Precore.

co-founder dingfest design studio

Studied Industrial Design at Bergische Universität in Wuppertal and upon graduation started my own design studio back in 1993, specialising in industrial design and 3D visualisation of products which are sold globally.
Braun, 2008–2011, industrial design top line shaver (co-working with Braun ID team), new design language 3D animation movie.
Deutsche Telekom, 2008, industrial design and visualisation generic multimedia products.
CamDynamics/Leica, 1998–2003, industrial design and mechanical design of a professional view camera.
Industrial design for Bohle (suction lifter, red dot 2001), Clark (forklift components), Philips (car audio), Bar (control devices).
Various multimedia productions for automotive and machinery industries: ThyssenKrupp, Philips, Clark, Hydro, Achenbach Buschhütten, Goebel IMS, Munk, BWG etc.

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“I have had the pleasure to have worked with Volker for close to 10 years. I highly recommend him. Volker is gifted in the way he approaches designing products. He does it the right way by starting with the customer. He can empathize with the customer situation and is able to turn that insight into practical and pleasing designs. He was responsible for many successful products while we both worked at Wacom. Many of these products won design awards and earned Wacom millions of dollars in profits. He is very accomplished in using the Solidworks design tools and used to teach design at a college in Germany. Volker is good to work with as he is an excellent team player with a good sense of humor. We have had a lot of fun meeting with customers and brainstorming solutions to the problems we encountered. That does not mean he is a pushover however. He appropriately fights for his designs but at the same time understands when the development trade-offs are too much. He has successfully worked across cultures (our engineering teams were in China and Japan) which at times required many early or late meetings due to time zone differences. His English is excellent. In summary, I would work again with Volker in a heartbeat. I trust him and he makes great designs. ”

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design thinking

solution creation with excellent understanding in user centric design processes starting with research by accurate observation to define and ideate innovative concepts finally confirmed by iterative prototype testings at varied fidelity

industrial design

professional skilled design development up to the detail with deep understanding of materials and processes, long time experienced in maintaining design from concept ideation to prototyping and mass production with engineering and manufacturers, e.g. ODM's in China

design strategy & brand identity

building strategic design and innovation management concepts to sustainable grow business by accurate value proposition balancing desirability, feasibility and viability

UX research

always starting with the user in mind, empathizing their world first with wide experience in user research and user testing sessions in Europe, North America and Japan

product management

executing on design strategies with strong business development by accurate product feature definition and line-up to tell relatable, emotive stories that bridge the gap between a brand's voice and tactical product benefits


teaching industrial design at the University of Wuppertal, focusing on design process and advanced use of digital tools

3D visualisation

challenging reality with excellent 3D renderings and animations for marketing and concept presentation.


SolidWorks, Autodesk Alias Automotive, 3dsMax (V-Ray, finalRender), Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, InDesign, MS Office

materials & processes

expertise in resin and silicone molding, all kind of aluminum processes at mp level like stamping, forging, milling, anodizig etc.
packaging materials & processes
experienced in rapid prototyping at varied fidelity


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university of wuppertal

Diploma in industrial design (university of Wuppertal) and Master in Strategy and Innovation (university of Wuppertal)

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design and cgi

9 Red Dot awards, 9 iF Design awards, 1 IDSA award, 3 animago awards, Bayrischer Staatspreis, Glunz Preis

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companies and clients

Wacom, Braun, Deutsche Telekom, Philips, Achenbach, Bohle, Cam Dynamics/Leica, Clark, Hydro, ThyssenKrupp ...

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