Volker Huebner
Strategy & Design

creating innovative solutions for meaningful user experiences
defining desirable products by always starting with the user in mind
contributing to the value creation at the front end to drive business

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Industrial Design & Innovation

Wacom MobileStudio Pro
4th gen 2018
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Industrial Design & UX Research

Wacom Cintiq Pro line-up
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Design & 3D Visualisation

Braun shaver and new design language
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Design & Strategy

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Design & Product Management

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Why I Design

good design delights people every day, directly addresses their needs and provides new opportunities.
I want to take responsibility for building today what we desire tomorrow for a better everyday.
I like to engage for brands, who care for users.
I love to design for what matters.

What I Do

globally experienced in design and strategy I'm passionate about building meaningful product experiences. always with the user in mind I'm seeking for innovative solutions with an eye for detail and love to push the boundaries. telling relatable stories I help drive business by actively creating the value at the front end.


design thinking

solution creation with excellent understanding in user centric design processes starting with research by accurate observation to define and ideate innovative concepts finally confirmed by iterative prototype testings at varied fidelity

industrial design

professional skilled design development up to the detail with deep understanding of materials and processes, long time experienced in maintaining design from concept ideation to prototyping and mass production with engineering and manufacturers, e.g. ODM's in China

design strategy & brand identity

building strategic design and innovation management concepts to sustainable grow business by accurate value proposition balancing desirability, feasibility and viability

UX research

always starting with the user in mind, empathizing their world first with wide experience in user research and user testing sessions in Europe, North America and Japan

product management

executing on design strategies with strong business development by accurate product feature definition and line-up to tell relatable, emotive stories that bridge the gap between a brand's voice and tactical product benefits


teaching industrial design at the University of Wuppertal, focusing on design process and advanced use of digital tools

How I Approach Design

beside providing a careful design sensibility and technical craft, I like to challenge myself, roll up my sleeves and put my hands on complex problems, empower the people around me, believing in the catalytic force of teamwork to inspire design development, nurture the creative process and draw out the diverse team’s individual talents.
and have fun along the way.

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